Employment: An inclusive workplace is good for everyone

Employment: An Inclusive Workplace is Good for Everyone

A job is so much more than a paycheck. Work gives people the chance to learn new skills, build confidence, and engage with their community. The right job opens up new opportunities and creates more freedom. It’s a path to independence and inclusion for all.

Employment puts people on a path toward achieving their goals and pursuing their interests. PROVAIL helps people understand their strengths, goals, and options. We also help businesses figure out their needs and areas for growth. Then, we match business leaders with pre-qualified employees and provide ongoing guidance so both the business and the employee feel supported and confident.

Job Seekers

Are you looking for supported and inclusive employment? PROVAIL’s Employment Services team can give you the resources and support needed to help you find the right job and continue to grow in your career. As a participant, we will match you with an Employment Consultant who will help you reach your goals and continue on a path of community-based employment. PROVAIL supports individuals from high school through retirement and every step in between.

High School Transition Services 

  • Collaborate with educators, paraprofessionals, and others in the school-based support team to identify skills, interests, and career goals
  • Research job opportunities and develop a resume, portfolio, and other materials to showcase to employers
  • Practice interview skills 
  • Provide on-the-job training and ongoing job coaching support

Adult Services
PROVAIL will support you with:

  • Career planning and goal setting after discovering unique interests and skills
  • Marketing your skills to businesses in your target industry
  • Identifying job opportunities and going through the interview process
  • On-the-job coaching and problem solving to ensure success in the workplace 
  • Ongoing career advancement


At PROVAIL, our focus is not on a person’s disability, but rather their abilities – and future abilities. Partnering with PROVAIL’s Employment Services team gives businesses that value diversity and equity in the workplace the resources to truly build an inclusive workforce.

Inclusion can allow a business to build stronger teams while tapping into a dedicated workforce. PROVAIL provides consultation to create or identify a supported employment position, recruitment of qualified candidates, training and onboarding support, and services as an ongoing resource for an individual’s success.

PROVAIL will support you with:

Business Testimonials

Ready to Put Your Business on the Map?

OUR Purpose is to:

To accomplish our mission we will support people with disabilities to:

Our Team

All Employment Consultants must pass annual background checks and maintain certification in CPR, first aid, and Blood Borne Pathogen/HIV/AIDS training. They also receive competence-based training in Positive Behavioral Supports, Social Security issues, Job Development, Boundaries, Systematic Instruction, Job Carving and Creation, Emergency Preparedness, Customized Employment, Mandated Reporting and the development of Person-Centered Plans. Continuing education is promoted for all staff with ongoing training in best practices.


PROVAIL is accredited by the Rehabilitation Services Accreditation System for job development, job-site training, job supports, transition services and employment planning. Accreditation is based on an on-site survey and review of interviews with relevant partners reflecting our ability to provide quality employment-related services to persons experiencing barriers to employment.

Funding Sources

Individuals in PROVAIL's Employment Services Program access funding support through:
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