Eighty-year-old nonprofit advances its mission of increasing inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

Seattle, WA  –  One of Washington state’s larger nonprofit organizations, PROVAIL, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Rios Employment & Consulting Services, Inc., allowing it to serve more individuals with disabilities. 

For more than 80 years, PROVAIL has built pathways to inclusion for individuals with disabilities in three areas: Mobility & Communication, Employment Services, and Home & Lifestyle. PROVAIL serves approximately 1,000 clients annually – children and adults with disabilities living primarily in King and Snohomish. The Rios acquisition marks its first formal step in expanding into Pierce County.

“Rios” was implemented by Barbara Moore, Tamra Flores, and Candice Gilley, who are of the Juaneño Band of Mission Indians and the Diegueño Tribe of Indians, of Southern, California. After 40 years of providing services, Rios’ owner, Barbara Moore, is ready to retire and has selected PROVAIL to help carry its legacy in the community.

Rios offers job development, placement, coaching, person-centered planning, and the development of natural supports. As of November 2023, Rios holds an impressive 99% placement rate for its approximately 50 participants. A unique feature of Rios is the 26-year partnership it holds with the Puyallup Tribe to support participants in facilities jobs at two 

Emerald Queen Casino locations in Pierce County. This supported employment partnership with the tribe will continue as PROVAIL takes over Rios’ operations.

PROVAIL CEO, Michael Hatzenbeler, said this acquisition marks a significant step forward in PROVAIL’s growth. “Today marks an exciting chapter in our journey as we welcome Rios and their clients into PROVAIL. This acquisition represents more than just a business transaction; this is about increasing opportunities for inclusion of people with disabilities in every part of the state. Integrated employment in a community-based job can be a transformational experience for an individual who has only experienced stigma and exclusion. PROVAIL seeks to bring that experience to as many people as possible in our state. It is an honor to be able to carry on the legacy of service and support that Barbara and the entire Rios team have established in Pierce County and to continue the close relationship they have with the Puyallup Tribe and other community leaders.”

In Washington state, individuals with disabilities are employed at less than half the rate of those without disabilities. Additionally, 12.9% of Washington’s residents, roughly 940,000 individuals, live with a disability. To learn more about the vital and life-changing services PROVAIL offers and to join in its inclusion efforts, visit 



Seattle-based PROVAIL believes everyone has the right to pursue the life they choose to live. With over 80 years of dedication to fostering inclusion for people with disabilities through the collaboration of three vital programs: Mobility & Communication, Employment Services, and Home & Lifestyle, PROVAIL is one of Washington’s largest private, multi-service agencies dedicated to meeting the needs of children and adults with all types of disabilities.

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