Mobility & Communication: Matching People with Assistive Technology

Mobility & Communication: Matching the Needs of Every Client

PROVAIL’s Mobility & Communication team helps individuals with disabilities live more independent lives. Using cutting-edge technology in innovative ways, our collaborative staff provide technical solutions to match every client’s individual needs.

Speech therapy & Occupational Therapy Services

PROVAIL’s Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) and Occupational Therapists (OT) create individualized solutions for people with disabilities.

  • Our SLPs specialize in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), enabling people of all ages to communicate effectively. Our unique treatment model empowers each individual ensuring they can express themselves freely, whenever and with whomever they desire.  With access to personalized communication tools, children and adults with disabilities can actively engage in their home, school, job, and community in a whole new way.
  • Our OTs excel in personalized mobility solutions and Assistive Technology tools. From empowering individuals to take charge of their environment through smart home devices to intricate custom seating, wheelchair evaluations, and expert wheelchair driving training, our skilled instruction opens up a lifelong journey of opportunities for people experiencing disabilities.
  • PROVAIL’s Assistive Technology lab provides state-of-the-art adaptive equipment for clients and therapists to explore and select the right technology.

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Assistive Technology Contract Services

PROVAIL’s Assistive Technology Contract Services serve as a crucial lifeline, delivering a wide range of resources to support vocational skills and independent living skills with people across Washington state. Our dedicated specialists work closely with individuals with disabilities, support staff, families, educators, job coaches, and community partners, aiming to build a more inclusive community. Each contract is thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive, personalized, and cooperative support.

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School District Coaching

School District Coaching services support learners who use Assistive Technology (AT) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), connecting them with tools AND providing training to use the tools. Our coaches work collaboratively with students, teachers, support staff, and families to create a shared vision for each learner, matching each person with AAC or AT and sharing resources so they can be more included at school, home, the community, and their job.  PROVAIL’s unique coaching model includes a comprehensive assessment, team training, customized plans for each learner, and performance data tracking to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Pacific northwest adaptive library

Many of the gadgets we use everyday are not made for people with diverse abilities, and that can make life challenging for people experiencing disabilities. Assistive Technology bridges that gap. At the Pacific Northwest Adaptive Library, individuals with disabilities can check out assistive technology tools for free,  a service currently not available anywhere else in Washington State. The Mobility & Communication team organizes “Hackathon” events where the community can learn to make electronic toys more accessible.

The PNW Adaptive Library is made possible thanks to a partnership with the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology and the Husky Adapt student organization at the University of Washington. You can find the lending library at PROVAIL and it is open to the public.

For more information about how to check out equipment, click here.

Telecommunication Equipment Distribution (TED) Services

The Telecommunication Equipment Distribution (TED) service provides distance communication equipment and training services to individuals 4 years and older with a speech or hearing barrier to distance communication. 

TED focuses on virtually connecting people with the world via Relay services, video calls, phone calls, texting, emailing, social networking apps, as well as adapted landline phones. TED also provides equipment and training for people who may need to use alternative access methods and accessibility modifications. 

PROVAIL is the largest TED contractor in Washington. Our trainers travel to all corners of the state providing training and support, offering residents of Washington the ability to participate in distance communication. Training is available in residences, hospitals, skilled nursing centers and adult family homes.To learn more about service eligibility and cost, contact the TED team at

Applications are available in multiple languages and can be found here.

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