PROVAIL is committed to paying employees for all hours worked. PROVAIL will pay time and a half (1.5 x’s the employee’s hourly rate) to nonexempt employees who exceed 40 hours of work time in a workweek. The work week begins Sunday at 12:01 am and extends the seven days following.  Paid leave, such as personal holiday, sick or vacation pay, does not apply toward work time.

Employees who think they need overtime to complete the week’s work, or provide coverage when locations are short-staffed, should notify their managers in advance.


Managers: See OVERTIME ELIGIBILITY AND EXEMPTIONS in the Manager Toolkit for details on how overtime exemption or eligibility is determined. Generally speaking, hourly employees will receive overtime pay for hours worked beyond the 40 hour workweek. 


Each manager has different expectations on how employees should request overtime and how far in advance they want to receive requests. The most common expectation is that employees call their managers in advance. Managers must pre-approve overtime BEFORE it is worked. 

After the employee and manager have agreed upon the hours of overtime needed, the employee must accurately record the overtime hours in their timesheet. It is important to record the hours in a timely manner (i.e. during the pay period the hours were worked).

Every manager has their own rules about how they want employees to ask for overtime and how much advanced notice they want. Usually, they want you to call them ahead of time. Before you work overtime, your manager has to say it’s okay. Once you and your manager decide on the overtime hours, you need to record them correctly in your timesheet. It is important to record the hours during the pay period the hours were worked.


If an employee works extra hours without getting permission from their manager first and it goes beyond your regular workweek, they may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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