Why it matters

Every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose we live. PROVAIL supports people with disabilities so they too can participate and engage in life according to their own choices. We work with our clients to build pathways to independence, integration, and inclusion, and navigate their personal journey with dignity and respect.

Our Approach

Serving the Puget Sound area with planned expansion across western Washington, our programs support three areas of life on the pathway to inclusion:


Youth attend school with the tools they need to participate in their classroom and be successful in the next stage of their life.

Adults have continuous access to technology that maximizes their independence.


Students explore career goals and practice job skills to enter the workforce.

Youth have transition support to graduate from high school with a job.

Adults secure meaningful employment and have equal access to opportunities in their careers.


Young adults have a pathway to transition from their family home to community-based living.

Adults have supportive housing, health, wellness, and leisure options that allow them to live according to their own choices.

Our Impact

PROVAIL is the only organization in our region providing comprehensive services to support a person with disabilities throughout their life, with an emphasis on personal choice, inclusion, opportunity, and equity. 

With help from our Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and generous sponsors and donations, PROVAIL is able to create meaningful change in King County for the people with disabilities community.

Despite our impact, community needs continue to go unmet. Now is the time to create a new pathway to independence and inclusion for all, so we’ve launched an ambitious, two-year plan to expand our services. We’ll be sharing more on this soon, so stay tuned!

Together We Grow


Inclusion requires all of us. PROVAIL believes a world that maximizes inclusion and accessibility is better for everyone, and we can’t do it without you. Help us grow the future we all deserve by getting involved today. Scroll down to see how you can be a part of PROVAIL’s growth by getting involved.

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Together, we can build the path to inclusion.

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