Click below for instructions on approving employee timecards. More info coming soon!

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Managers have the responsibility to review their employee’s timecards at the end of each pay period. Managers should look for errors and ensure that the employee has accurately reported time off. You will receive two reminders to review and approve your employees’ timecards. The first reminder is sent three days before the pay period ends. The second reminder is two days after the pay period ends (the last day before HR processes payroll).

  1. From UKG Pro, select ‘Workforce Management’ 
  2. UKG will redirect you to Dimensions. From the Dimensions homepage, click on the ‘Manage Timecard’ tile. 
  3. ‘Current Pay Period’ and ‘Previous Pay Period’ appear as a dropdown on the tile. Ensure that you are in the correct pay period by looking at the dates on the timecard before approving. 
  4. Important to review and make corrections, if necessary, for the following:
    1. Missed Punches In/Out
    2. Long Shift Error
    3. Time off Requests 

In addition, all Payroll Edit paperwork should be approved and turned in to by 2:00 pm. 

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