Our Approach

Throughout our history, we have learned there are three key areas that directly impact a person’s ability to live life according to their own choices. Each of our programs fits into one of these focus areas.

Children go to school with the mobility and communication tools they need to access learning.

High school graduates have the mobility and communication tools needed to be successful in the next stage of their life.

Adults have continuous access to technology that maximizes their independence to live life comfortably and according to their own choices.

Children begin preparing for and working toward their post-graduate goals at middle-school age.

Youth, who are not pursing higher education, have transition support to graduate from high school with a job.

Adults obtain integrated community employment and have career advancement opportunities.

Children participate in self-expressive and playful activities with peers of all abilities.

Youth move toward independent living while taking part in extracurricular activities that engage their interests.

Adults have community-based, supportive housing, health, leisure, and wellness options that allow them to live full lives according to their own choices.

Mobility & Communications
Home &
PROVAIL’s Focus Areas
Mobility & Communications
Therapy and Assistive Technology Clinic
PROVAIL’s clinical services support children and adults with, even the most severe, disabilities maximize their performance and productivity through comprehensive and specialized assistive technology, and occupational and speech therapies. PROVAIL is the go-to referral agency for mobility and communication services in the Pacific Northwest – receiving referrals from larger agencies such as Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington Medial Center. We are the only clinic in the region to offer this highly customized and complex range of clinical and assistive technology services.
Employment Services
PROVAIL’s Employment Services provides support to youth and adults with disabilities to obtain and maintain successful and meaningful employment. We connect quality employees to quality businesses. We provide vocation assessments, individualized job placement, and on-going job coaching to support people with disabilities achieve their career goals. We also provide work-place assessments, custom job building, and on-going support to businesses and their employees who higher youth and adults with disabilities.
Fabrication Division
The PROVAIL Fabrication Division is a social enterprise with a fully inclusive workforce to manufacture products for the US Government, the aerospace industry, and local companies. The profits from the Fabrication Division support the direct services program at PROVAIL.
Community Living Program
The PROVAIL Community Living Program provides 24-hour supported living to adults with severe developmental disabilities to assist them in living as independently as possible and as members of their community. In 3-4 person houses, clients are supported in the way that they choose to become active and involved members of their community.
Seattle BrainWorks
Home & Lifestyle
A community-based Clubhouse program, Seattle BrainWorks provides short and long-term support to people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. Our mission is to help individuals with a TBI relearn the skills they need and create strategies that help them integrate as successful members of the community.
BrainSpace is a state-of-the-art assisted living home for traumatic brain injury survivors, with 24-hour
support services, access to specialized therapy and nursing services. With BrainSpace, people with disabilities can receive the highest quality residential supports, in a way that honors self directed choice and community based integration.