Talk With Technology

Talk with Technology (TWT) is an evidence-based program focused on teaching parents and caregivers how to communicate most effectively with their children, who are minimally verbal or non-verbal and, are using a communication device or application.

Our next Talk With Technology course will be taking place in the Spring of 2017. Stay tuned for more information. 


  • 10-week program, including discussion groups and individualized consultations
  • Program includes up to 8 families; a small number ensures that each parent/caregiver receives customized, individualized attention from the facilitator
  • Program is facilitated by a PROVAIL speech-language pathologist who is an expert in the field of AAC and evidence-based practices.
  • Program Cost: $1345 per family


  • Following their Lead
    Respond to a child’s ability to express interests, needs and feelings
  • AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) Modeling
    Use a child’s communication device by modeling key vocabulary words so use of AAC increases
  • Friendly Sabotage
    Learn to create opportunities for the child to motivate communication
  • Chain of Cues
    Support the child to build independent communication skills

“This class was the gateway I needed to be able to use the device with my son. Being taught a little of the science behind
AAC first was what I needed to understand as we move forward in our language together. Thank you!”

“This was a wonderful class. I am so much more confident about communicating with my son. I think he feels the
comfort in knowing that as well.”

Interested in the Talk with Technology program? Please contact:

PROVAIL Therapeutic & Assistive Technology Services