Community Living Program

People with disabilities deserve the opportunity to be fully integrated in their communities from day one. As a part of PROVAIL’s Home & Lifestyle focus, the Community Living Program offers a move toward independent living for people with severe developmental disabilities, while promoting participation in the extracurricular activities that engage each individual’s interests.

With a current network of 19 residential homes, PROVAIL is able to offer over 60 people with complex disabilities the opportunity to live in residential neighborhoods with roommates, instead of at home or in a nursing home.

PROVAIL’s Community Living Program (CLP) provides supported living to adults with severe developmental disabilities. We provide 24-hour support services in accessible, community-based homes throughout the Greater Seattle area. Each setting is a single-family home shared by three to four people.

Across the state, there are several thousand adults with disabilities┬áliving at home with parents who are rapidly approaching a point where they will not be able to support their adult children. PROVAIL’s 24-hour support services provide individuals, who might otherwise be confined to nursing homes and institutions, the opportunity to live independently and actively.

For many of our clients, being part of the CLP is their first experience living outside of an institutional, congregate care facility. Our staff provide not only personal care and nursing services, but also support their desire to learn about and participate in their communities.

Annually, the Community Living Program provides over 300,000 hours of service, facilitates over 10,000 community outings, and coordinates over 2,000 in-home nursing visits for residents.