Real Stories

Andrew is a crew member at the Trader Joe’s. It’s his first job and he loves it. He looks forward to coming in to work every day to make sure the store is neat and tidy for customers. Andrew always recommends the mac and cheese to the customers—it’s his favorite. Additionally, he has a great relationship with his co-workers; he cracks them up all the time with his humor, and is definitely a valuable part of the team.


Nate is a longtime PROVAIL client, and yearns to connect with his community in meaningful ways. PROVAIL’s Therapeutic & Assistive Technology Services and our Supported Employment Program are helping him do just that. With support from his speech therapist Donna, Nate is working to get beyond yes or no responses to express what’s on his mind, what’s important to him and what he needs. He practices this by using his communication device at home, and surprised his Dad one day with his progress, when he asked his Dad questions about his day using his device.

And when it comes to employment, Nate just recently celebrated his one year anniversary at Thrive Fitness in Monroe. There he helps shred documents, cleans exercise machines and takes out the trash. Nate loves his job, and is glad that he can be contributing to the success of a local business, while fulfilling his own personal goals.



Sydney is a Facilities Assistant at Experience Momentum Inc. She’s been working at the physical therapy clinic for over three years.

Sydney loves being a valued member of the staff at Experience Momentum where she makes sure there are courtesy towels and massage bedding ready to be used and the facility is freshly cleaned. Syd, as she likes to be called, will proudly tell you that she works hard to earn her own money. She is very proud to be able to pay for getting her nails and hair done, buy her own airline ticket for a family vacation and pay for her own dress for her upcoming prom!


Jordan is a PROVAIL-supported Safeway employee. A graduate of our school to work program, Jordan’s talent and personality have blossomed due to the experience of working. Learning responsibility and time management, and letting his sense of humor shine, Jordan has found success working part-time. And after a year and a half on the job, Jordan continues to eagerly take on new responsibilities.