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Founded by Dr. Hulett Wyckoff and a group of parents searching for services for their children with Cerebral Palsy. Founded as:
The Washington Spastic Children's Society 
The United Cerbral Palsy Association (UCP) is founded as a national network or organizations supporting people with Cerebral Palsy
Vocational Services Begin
Seattle's first workshop program opens to support young adults with vocational therapy, vocational training, and employment opportunities.
United Cerebral Palsy Founded
Affiliation with UCP
The Washington Spastic Children's Society joins the national UCP network and becomes:
United Cerebral Palsy  of King County
The Machine Shop
Boeing Corporation provides the start up funding to create a manufacturing facility that employs people with disabilities. Today it is now known as: 
The Fabrication Divison
One of a Kind  Dental Clinic
Dr. Johnny Johnson, Dr. Norm Berg, and Dr. Raymond Edlin establish one of the Nation's first dental clinics specifically designed for people with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. In 2010 became known as the:
Johnny Johnson Memorial Dental Clinic
Expansion to Snohomish County
UCP of King County expands its service area to become:
United Cerebral Palsy  of King and Snohomish County
Residential Center
The Residential Center opens in Shoreline as a state-of-the-art facility for 110 adults with Cerebral Palsy and similar disabilities.  
Supportive Living Services 
To move away from the residential center model, the first supported living home opens. Now with 19 houses CLP provides 24-hour service to support adults with disabilities live in their community, by their own choices. 
Community Living Program (CLP) 
Therapeutic Services Northwest 
The Therapeutic Services Northwest were established as a community-based clinic to provide therapy services and assistive technology to help people with disabilities access their community.   Now known as: 
PROVAIL's Therapy and Assistive Technology Clinic
Community Based Employment
To move away from sheltered workshops as the only employment option for people with disabilities - the UCP sheltered workshop and ACCESS combine to create Summit Employment Service. The workshop closed in 1997.  Today known as:
PROVAIL Employment Services
UCP of King and Snohomish County disaffiliates with UCP to focus on developing local programs and expanding to serve people with a wide variety of disabilities.   Name changed to: 
A Home on Stone Way
PROVAIL's Stone Way facility is completed. The first time all program and organization administration and the Therapy Clinic are officed under one roof.
Transition Employment
PROVAIL Employment Service begin working in partnership with school districts to provide transition services for students. Today the program works with five districts as the:  
Transition Program
Seattle BrainWorks
PROVAIL is awarded pilot program funding from the Washington State TBI Council to open the State's first Clubhouse program for survivors of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
A Bigger Home 
PROVAIL relocates to our current location on Aurora Avenue to accommodate expanding staff and program needs. 
Art for All Abilities
PROVAIL begin offering free art classes for artist with disabilities. Now completely volunteer run, the program offers monthly art classes, poetry classes, and expressive dance classes.
Artistry Incorporated
Seattle BrainWorks
School to Work
PROVAIL Employment Service is awarded the 3rd School to Work Program in partnership with Lake Washington, Shoreline, and Northshore School Districts
A Permanent Home
PROVAIL completes the purchase of the Aurora Commons property which includes four additional office suites to allow for program expansion and the addition of a TBI Center.
We Can Do More!
In 2013, PROVAIL's Board of Directors and Senior Management took a deep look at the services we provide and decided...we can do more! PROVAIL launched our new strategic plan outlining the impact we want to have by 2018. 
Recovery After a TBI
Development began on a new 12-bedroom residential facility for survivors of traumatic brain injury. Located in Shoreline, WA the new facility will open by early 2016.
Fabrication Division
Community Living Program  (CLP) 
Mobility &   
 believes that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live. 
Seattle BrainWorks
Artistry Incorporated
Home & Lifestyle 
Therapy & Assistive Technology Clinic
Employment Services
That right is realized through:
The Res. Closes
The final residents move from the Residential Center to the Community Living Program (CLP)
Dental Care Provided by UW 
The Johnny Johnson Memorial Dental Clinic partners with the University of Washington's School of Dentistry to provide special needs dental care. The PROVAIL clinic closes after transferring patients to UW. PROVAIL continues to act in a training and patient advocate role.
Artistry Incorporated
PROVAIL's art program, Artistry Incorporated expands to include painting, poetry, and dance classes to support people with disabilities to express themselves through the arts.