What does an inclusive community look like, and what will it take to get there? Inclucity is a movement that we are initiating to improve inclusivity throughout the Puget Sound. We aim to spark conversation, reflection, and action through a variety of events throughout the year to engage community members in discussion about social issues and rights surrounding disability and inclusion. 

In·clu·city: a movement to create an inclusive city


Inclucity 2017 Event

Inclucity was the first of its kind in the Puget Sound area. This evening event showcased individuals and organizations throughout our community who are working to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities. Displays and demonstrations showed how their efforts are making a difference, and guests were able to engage in those efforts through conversation and active participation. Inclucity 2017 was all about information and action leading to more inclusion of people with disabilities.

PROVAIL strives to bring together every type of community member who holds a stake in building a more inclusive community – including service providers, businesses, parents, research groups, and advocates. Inclucity’s goal was to provide a relaxing and open opportunity to talk candidly about inclusion and accessibility.

The 2017 event included networking time for attendees to visit vendor booths as well as a live program featuring a variety of speakers on the topics of cutting edge communication technology, supported employment initiatives, disability rights, and more!  Inclucity was the perfect opportunity to get new people engaged and connect community members to drive this mission forward.

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Spark Inclusion 

Building off of the Inclucity event, we hosted a series of cocktail conversations known as Spark Inclusion.  Learn more at