Career Day

What is Career Day?

PROVAIL Career Days provide a number of practical workshops and presentations that give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to practice skills that are essential to obtaining their first job and confidence around the interview process. Participants learn about proper interview dress and etiquette, practice one-on-one mock interviews, complete skill-based working assessments, and more! For more details on the various workshops, pictures of our first event, and answers to FAQs, please see below.

Interested in Attending Our Next Career Day?

Students and adults with disabilities looking to gain skills that are essential to transitioning into the workforce are invited to join us for our next Career Day. The exact date and time is yet to be determined, so keep an eye out for more information!

Questions? Call 206.826.1060 or email

Interested in Volunteering?

This unique volunteer opportunity allows you to have a direct impact on the lives of our participants as you gain experience working one-on-one with youth with disabilities.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • Event set-up
  • Facilitate check-in and registration
  • Conduct practice interview
  • At as a group leader
  • Review resumes and provide feedback (i.e. formatting, grammar, and language)
  • Provide feedback during practical skills workshop (i.e. handshakes, eye-contact, and introductions)
  • Event clean-up

Volunteers are needed for our next Career Day, date TBD. Interested volunteers should call 206.826.1060 or

PROVAIL’s First Career Day – Fall 2016

In the fall of 2016, PROVAIL Employment Consultants, Development team members, and a group of incredible volunteers collaborated to host PROVAIL’s first Career Day. Our first event was geared toward high school students in PROVAIL’s Transition Program, but future Career Days will be open to a broader audience. 


Fashion Show

We kicked off the day with a fashion show to give students examples of what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear to interviews and to work. Models wore professional ‘what to wear to work’ attire, and ‘what not to wear to work’ attire to provide a relaxed atmosphere for the students before breaking up into rotating groups. 


Practical Skills Workshop

In this workshop, students practiced a variety of practical skills that are useful to have under one’s belt at the workplace. PROVAIL’s Employment Consultant, Lauren, and a group of volunteers practiced handshakes, making eye-contact, and appropriate “water cooler” conversations with all of the students. 


Working Interviews

Students were given a choice of practicing working interviews in three different industries—restaurant, office, and retail. In the restaurant workshop, participants practiced setting and bussing tables, rolling silverware, folding pizza boxes, and re-stocking sugar caddies. For the office working interview, tasks included a typing test, sorting and alphabetizing documents, and stuffing envelopes. Finally in the retail workshop, participants stocked and faced food items, and practiced folding and sorting clothing.


Formal Interviews

Volunteers conducted mock interviews with students to practice their interview skills. Students were able to work one-on-one with our volunteers to gain confidence in the interview process. We received extremely positive feedback from our volunteers about how engaged the students were!



Who can participate in Career Day?

Career Day is a free event open to individuals with disabilities who are eager to practice skills that are essential to obtaining their first job! Family members, job coaches, and caregivers are more than welcome to accompany participants throughout the day for support. 

What level of skills do I/my student/my child need to have to be able to participate in Career Day?

Career Day is an all-levels skill development opportunity. We have created each of the workshops so they are customizable for all of our participants. We have trained professionals from PROVAIL’s Employment Program and a 2:1 volunteer to participant ratio to help individuals throughout the day. There is the option to opt out of workshops that students are not interested in participating in.

Where does Career Day take place? Will transportation be provided through PROVAIL to and from the venue?

PROVAIL’s first Career Day was held at Highland Community Center in Bellevue, and we are hoping to host our next Career Day at the same location. Transportation is not provided by PROVAIL, but please contact your job coach to assist you in making travel arrangements. If you are a Transition Program student, please talk to your teachers about taking a field trip from school to join us for Career Day!